The Human Biology Students’ Union is a student union that represents not only the students of the Human Biology program but indeed all students in the Life Sciences at the University of Toronto. Our yearly membership is FREE.

HBSU holds many events and activities each year that are aimed primarily to give a sense of community to all our students; a place to meet new friends and to find support in any way.  Many of these events are held as a way to assist students with their future endeavours and career paths.  These events include our Graduate School Fair, two Medical School Symposiums, and several academic seminars and lectures.  We also host movie nights, pub nights, and a year-end life science formal.  HBSU prioritizes in making our students feel welcome so that they may enjoy their undergraduate experience to its fullest.

Our members receive $200 discount on products and services offered by Princeton Review. This means that you can get $100 off an MCAT course from Princeton Review!


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    1. Everyone in Human Biology, either the POSts or even if you’re just taking a course, is automatically a member. Just get on our listserv (and subscribe to this website) to keep up with our events!

  1. I would like to be added to the HBSU listserv to get to know about more activites and events by HBSU and whether there are volunteer opportunities.

    1. We usually have a how-to-find-volunteering workshop during the year. But of course you can also volunteer at our own events. Some of them are really big, and we’ll definitely appreciate help =)

  2. Hi. I am a double major in neuroscience and physiology.
    I would like to be addded to the HBSU too please.
    Thank you

  3. Hi, i would like to be added to the email list as well please!!
    ps. I know it’s a bit late but the med-school crash course was very helpful, thankyou HBSU! :)

  4. The above three will be added shortly… In related news, note that we have a new listserv signup link in the menu bar! Alternatively, you can subscribe to the website itself on the right side of any page =)

  5. Nice! A Human Biology club right here on WordPress. Add me to the HBSU, I am doing a double major at UTSG, one of which includes Human Biology.

    Also, visit my blog page. :-)

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